Is It Time For A New Boiler?

That dreaded question. The boiler is one of the most important components of any home. Providing you and your family with warmth and immediately accessible hot water is invaluable, yet also often taken for granted. So how can you tell when it’s time for a new boiler? There are several things that indicate it’s time for a new one.

Expired Warranty

Most boilers come with a standard manufacturer guarantee with 3 to 10 years, depending on the system you have fitted and who installs it. However, boilers last a long time and these warranties don’t last forever – once it’s expired, any repairs will be on you, and they could be so extensive that it’s worth simply getting a new boiler installed.

Regular repairs are expensive

You may find that even though your boiler is past it’s warranty, the repair you need is only a small job. However, the older a boiler gets, the more often things are going to be going wrong, and these regular repairs soon add up. If you’re regularly having to call the plumber out for small repair jobs, it might be worth looking into a new system, which will come with a new warranty and save you money on regular repairs.

The efficiency rating isn’t up to standard

Newer boilers come with an A rated efficiency stamp, meaning that it’ll use less energy, resulting in lower heating and energy bills for you. Older boilers are naturally much more inefficient, so it’s probably best to look into upgrading to a new, safer, more efficient one.

Parts for your boiler aren’t available anymore

This is probably the most common reason for new boiler installations; older systems often simply don’t have the parts they need made anymore. If your boiler is pushing more than 20 years of age, then it’s probably a lot easier to simply have a new one fitted, rather than trying to source the old parts needed to repair it.

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