For a long time, bathrooms were way down on the list of priorities for interior designers. After all, this space is not like a kitchen or a bedroom, which have essential functions but can also be great places to hang out. Nobody casually hangs out in the bathroom unless they have a task to complete. So, for a time, they did not get the love that they deserve. Fortunately, things have changed. Now that super celebs and the filthy rich are taking their bathrooms to the next level; homeowners are starting to see the value of a beautiful bathing space. Keep reading to find out how you can triple the value of your home simply by investing in the right bathroom furniture and accessories.

Vanity Units/Dressers
There are, of course, the basics to think about first. However, there is more to a bathroom installation in Suffolk than the shape of the bath or what type of shower you want. In fact, it is the accessories built around the basics which really make the space stand out. Vanity units are must for most homes because they provide a place for functional tasks. Usually, this is where your mirror is hung. Sometimes the vanity is integrated with the sink, but many people prefer to keep them separate and have a practical surface for storage.
Storage Units/Cabinets
Similarly, cabinets are important, because mess and clutter are the enemy of a stylish bathroom. Unless your bathing space is very expansive and spacious, even a little mess will make it look untidy. Allocate a place to everything and store cosmetics, shampoos, shaving accessories, and other items out of sight. The good news is that bathroom storage solutions have become quite diverse over the last decade. You can now invest in custom cabinets, which are sized and cut to fit the exact specifications of the space. It is a great option for small bathrooms, as overhead and multi-use products can increase their value.
Bathtub Panels
Lots of homeowners dream of owning a freestanding tub, but it is not always possible to fit one into a bathroom installation in Ipswich. If you do not have enough space or the plumbing is not compatible, opt for attractive bathtub panels instead. They hide a multitude of sins and offer an affordable way to reinvigorate your bathroom if you do not want to replace the tub. Make sure that you pick a style and colour which matches the rest of the décor. Identify a signature shade and use it to create a consistent colour scheme.
Some Other Ways to Get More with Less
If you are trying to increase the value of your bathroom, while keeping costs low, there are lots of little changes that you can make. For instance, investing in new faucets is a low-cost way to eliminate tired, old accessories. You could pick up a new shower head or install a glass shower panel, in place of a drab curtain. The design savvy should consider patterned tiles because they give décor an instant lift. As they are best applied in small quantities (rather than across a whole wall), the price is minimal, but the impact is high. Don’t forget that you can discuss all of these options with your installer when planning a bathroom installation in Ipswich. For more advice on creating a beautiful bathroom, with a tight budget, visit Ignis Heating. Or, call 01473 353 599 to speak to a representative and request a cost estimate for your home.