When the winter and cold weather are at their most intense, it can be difficult to plan ahead and think about summer maintenance. However, consistency is key to ensuring that your home always runs smoothly. This is why central heating providers are so keen to sign their customers up for annual services. In the same way that a car needs servicing on a regular basis, so too do boilers and central heating systems. While it might sound counterintuitive to focus on care when the load is lightest, summer is the perfect time for routine maintenance. Why not use this quieter season to give your central heating in Ipswich a full health check?

Consistent Care is Valuable

Central heating systems are heavy duty units. They carry a large workload and operate under a lot of pressure, particularly in bigger properties. It is easy to forget that boilers and radiators need care because they always seem so sturdy. Yet, near constant use (especially in the winter) is bound to take its toll. This is why healthy, happy central heating in Ipswich is carefully maintained throughout the year, not just in the colder months. Keep in mind the fact that a common cause of winter breakdowns is neglect during the summer. If you let your system idle for a whole season, the pipes are at risk of corrosion. Arranging a summer service is one way to ensure that they stay clean and strong.

Avoid Winter Emergencies

Plenty of homeowners have done it; they’ve let their boiler maintenance slip all summer and then run into major problems when the cold snap hits. It is an easy mistake, but it can be a very stressful and expensive one too. Not only are winter breakdowns uncomfortable, they can disrupt family routines. You may have to temporarily leave your home and stay somewhere warmer until repairs are carried out. Or, you might have to go without hot water while waiting for a plumber to become available. Sometimes, boilers just break down and there’s no preparing for it. Usually, though, it is a result of poor maintenance, so getting your central heating serviced is a great investment. Your provider will send a technician around to inspect it during the summer when any faults or hiccups are going to cause minimal disruption.

Get Cheaper Rates

Unsurprisingly, plumbing rates can be more expensive during the winter. This isn’t true of all companies, but many do raise their prices because repairs are in high demand. The opposite is true of the summer months when homeowners should be servicing their boilers, but most are prioritising other things. It means that you can grab the best rates in off peak seasons. Don’t forget that emergency repairs are priced higher than standard services and routine maintenance. For instance, you’ll pay more to have a plumber come out quickly in winter because you’re being charged extra for urgent work. It is also true that qualified plumbers can be harder to find in the winter, which is yet another good reason to get your central heating serviced in summer. For more information on how to find reliable central heating services in Ipswich, visit Ignis Heating today. Or, call 01473 353 599 to speak directly to a representative and request a cost estimate for your home.