If you live in the Suffolk area, you’ll be pleased to know that is no lack of plumbing services and companies to choose from if you find yourself facing a watery crisis. You should remember, however, that not all plumbers are created equal. And, it’s your job to pick out the superb from the distinctly average, particularly in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

The problem is that this can be tougher than it sounds. What features and perks should you look for? Should you ask to see evidence of qualifications before you hire? Are there any clear signs of a poor service? These are all important questions, so the best approach is to be backed up by skilled plumbers in Suffolk, before a breakdown occurs, rather than waiting for one to happen and then scrambling for the nearest company.

This guide to some of the things that you won’t ever hear from our reliable plumbers will help you see we are the right team for the job.

‘I’m Not Fully Qualified.’

One thing that you should look out for is independent plumbers who are more like handymen than anything else. While it is possible to self-train as a plumber, these technicians aren’t always as skilled as those that are representing certified companies. Plus, if you work with us you’ll be getting a fully licenced business, so you’ll know that your plumber is insured and liable for the quality of the work carried out.

‘We Will Send a Trainee to Do the Job.’

While it is certainly not uncommon for trainee plumbers to be sent out on jobs – after all, this is how they learn – you have a right to know if there are inexperienced technicians working in your home. If you ever suspect that a trainee has been sent to do the job alone, without a fully qualified plumber to supervise, call the business directly and ask them to send a more experienced individual.

‘I Can Repair Anything.’

The reality is that even the best plumbers in Suffolk will, occasionally, be confronted by unusual or extremely complex problems. This is why specialists exist. So, only unwise or unreliable plumbing services claim to be all powerful and all knowing. A good plumber will admit that they are stumped and need additional advice or information. It will always cause more harm than good to try and fix a leak or other issue without knowing how.

‘Even Minor Problems Need a Plumber’

There are all kinds of minor plumbing issues that can be fixed with a literal tweak of a valve or dial. Our plumbers won’t use these problems as an opportunity to make a quick bit of cash. If they know that it isn’t a true breakdown, they’ll be happy to walk you through the necessary steps over the phone. A good example is if the plumber recognises, over the phone, that the pressure gauge on a boiler needs a quick adjustment. On the other hand, we won’t ever advise a customer to touch anything that might cause further problems.