Whatever the time of year, your central heating is vital to your home; access to hot water is essential, all year round. Having an economical system is also important – the last thing you want is the controls for your central heating costing you more than it should.  Thankfully, there are solutions available to help you save money and energy.

How your thermostat is costing you money
Usually, heating is controlled with a thermostat which keeps a consistent temperature in your house throughout the day. The trouble with these heating controls is that you can often find yourself using much more energy than is actually needed. This is often due to common misconceptions about how thermostats work. One of the most common thermostat mistakes is turning the heating up on a cold day. If you’re using the thermostat correctly, then it should just be set to the required temperature already; turning it up even more will eventually make the house too hot, with energy and money wasted in the process. A similar mistake that’s often made with thermostats is setting it to the highest temperature to heat the home up quicker. Unfortunately, this isn’t how boilers work; since the boiler just controls what the maximum temperature will be, setting it high doesn’t increase the temperature any quicker, it again just wastes energy and money. Chances are, even if you don’t make these mistakes with your thermostat, your heating controls are still costing you money. Thankfully, there’s a solution that has saved over 8 billion kWh of energy since its debut in 2011 – the Nest thermostat.
Nest thermostat
At Ignis Heating, we are approved installers of the Nest Learning Thermostat. The Nest is a smart heating control system which learns your schedule and adjusts the central heating accordingly. Nest links with your phone to know when you’re out and when you usually get back home, knowing when to switch the heating off and when to start it back up for the optimal temperature once you get home. It also gets to know your home, knowing how much energy to use and where, as well as your preferred temperature. Hot water controls are also available on the mobile app, along with all the controls needed for your central heating. Installing the Nest gives you easy control over your heating, saving you money and energy. At Ignis Heating, we’ve been approved installers of Nest since 2014 – for heating controls that suit you, get in touch today, and take a look here for more information on our central heating systems and installation.