Make huge savings on your heating bills in the winter with our expert energy saving tips.

Use your thermostat effectively

Cutting down your bills can be as simple as turning down your thermostat by 1°C. According to the Energy Saving Trust, this could save up to £75 a year in a typical home, so put on a jumper before you turn up the heating.

Replacing lightbulbs

Energy-saving lightbulbs last much longer than traditional ones, easily cutting your energy bills and removing the hassle of regularly swapping out your bulbs.


Stop heat from escaping through unwanted gaps and you’ll be looking at energy bill savings. Be sure to check these areas for draughts:
  • Doors – you can add draught-proof strips or draught excluders to the edges
  • Windows – Again, you can use draught-proof strips around the frames
  • Fireplace – Block with an inflatable pillow if it isn’t used
  • Attic – Stop heat from escaping out of the attic with draught-proof foam strips

Energy efficient appliances

Choosing the most energy-efficient model when buying new household appliances is another great way of saving hundreds. Most brands now offer much more energy-efficient options than were available in the past, and we supply plenty of these options in our range.

Ignis Heating

Cut you heating bills with the help of Ignis Heating. We can help you find efficient new appliances for your home, which will significantly cut down on your heating bills in the long run. Get in touch with us today for more.