When it comes to picking the right boiler installation company, it is worth taking the time to shop around and consider all of your options. While you want a service that is affordable and offers great value for money, you also want to avoid cowboys and dodgy plumbers. So, taking a look at the wider market – particularly current rates – is a good way to pick out the superstars. There are other things to think about, besides price. Things like local reputation, the speed of installation, the level of experience, and the quality of customer service. A new boiler installation in Suffolk is quite a big investment and it should last you well over a decade, so it’s right to want a reliable and comprehensive service. Ideally, your chosen boiler company should also offer annual inspections and tune-ups. This guide to picking a great boiler installation company will help you find a service that provides everything you need. Doing Your Own Research There’s nothing that beats word of mouth feedback, so don’t forget to ask your friends, family members, and colleagues if they know of any great installers. You could end up finding one pretty quickly this way. Otherwise, spend some time online searching for national and regional companies that operate in your area. Remember that a national company will likely have access to a broader selection of products, but may have to wait longer for an appointment. The Cheapest Might Not Be the Best When searching for reliable boiler installation in Suffolk, think carefully about how much you want to pay. The cheapest, rock bottom prices might not represent the best quality jobs. This is worth considering because it’s better to pay a little more for a boiler that isn’t going to break down after a month. Fortunately, there are lots of great deals around and you can grab yourself one by speaking directly to a local provider. A Speedy Service If you’re looking at anything much beyond a week of waiting for an appointment, it’s probably best to go elsewhere. Most installers are able to see customers and fit their boilers fairly quickly. The exception is if you’ve ordered a boiler that is not already in stock or needs to be specially ordered. Even then, you shouldn’t be looking at anything over three weeks unless your current system is very old or atypical in some way. Choosing the Best Boiler Brand Whether you’re planning to opt for a Bosch, a Potterton, a Baxi, or an Ideal, make sure that the installer has it in stock before you close on the deal. If they don’t, ask for a reliable delivery estimate. If they don’t stock any of the big name brands, it’s probably worth asking why. Unless a company provides a specialist service (old or commercial boilers), they should have access to the most popular and highly regarded brands. Getting That Final Quote Before you agree to any kind of deal or verbal contract, ask for a firm cost estimate. This should include any additional or supplementary fees, as well as any call out charges. While the whole point of an estimate is that it can be changed, once you’ve been given one, your installer will need a very good reason to increase it. Always ask for a quote, so that you know exactly what to expect and what the going rate for boiler installation in Suffolk is right now. For more information on finding the right boiler installation and maintenance provider, click here to visit Ignis Heating today. Or, call 01473 353 599 to speak directly to a representative and request a cost estimate for your home.