Even if you’ve never experienced a plumbing emergency, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the services available in your local area. That way, you know exactly where to turn if the worst does happen and a pipe or kitchen appliance springs a leak. There are some fantastic plumbers in Suffolk, so you shouldn’t find it hard to connect with a reputable vendor. The important thing is that you perform the proper checks before hiring any plumbing company. While the risk of encountering a so called ‘cowboy’ is very small, the reality is that unscrupulous contractors do exist. The genuine professionals are always happy to answer questions and can provide proof of their certifications, qualifications, and insurance. Ultimately, it’s up to you how closely you wish to scrutinise a potential contractor. However, before you hire a new plumber, try to check all of the things outlined in this article.

Look in the Right Places
While some plumbers do still advertise in Suffolk newspapers and trade magazines, most focus their marketing efforts on a company website. This means that the best place to start looking for a local contractor is online. Although, it’s still useful to ask around your circle of friends and relatives, because they may have recommendations. If they do, you can go straight to the website and start checking out rates and reviews. Searching online is a quick and easy way to discover who is out there.
Check for Experience
It can be a little controversial to suggest prioritising only established plumbing companies. After all, every business starts out as a new prospect. On the other hand, all you need to care about is picking the best one and, ultimately, experience is a fantastic indicator of quality. So, stick with vendors that have been operational for at least three years. There should be a healthy portfolio or gallery of work for you to browse through. If your boiler needs replacing, look for a company lots of previous customers and a high approval rating.
Get Yourself a Quote
Sometimes, it’s helpful to get a handful of different quotes from various plumbing providers. That way, you can compare the rates and get a good feel for the current market. However, if you receive a figure that you’re really happy with, one estimate might be enough. The way that project quotes work is simple. They aren’t a promise or a guarantee. The price is allowed to change, but you are owed an explanation if it does. So, for example, if your repair or installation ends up needing a special component, the fee may increase slightly.
Inspect Those Credentials
It is imperative that any plumber who enters your home is fully insured. This is a necessity because it safeguards against accidental damage and poor quality work. Both of these circumstances are highly unlikely if your plumber is reputable and skilled. Nevertheless, it’s better to be protected. Finally, they should be registered with an official UK plumbing body. You can ask to see proof of training and qualifications if you do want more reassurance. Good plumbers are always happy to help customers feel happy with the service.
Why a Professional Job Is Always the Right Choice
There are, of course, some minor plumbing jobs that you can perform independently, without the help of a professional. Although, even these come with some pretty big risks because you won’t be protected in the event of a breakdown or fault. So, unless you have a lot of experience with pipework, it’s always best to call in the experts. That way, you won’t be left footing the bill if something goes wrong and the kitchen gets flooded. Don’t forget that there are plumbing services in Suffolk to suit every budget. To find out more about the plumbing services in your local area, click here to visit Ignis Heating today. Or, call 01473 353 599 to speak to an engineer and schedule an installation, inspection, or repair.