One of the most common myths about central heating is that there is a right and a wrong time to invest in professional servicing. Ultimately, getting your boiler and radiators checked out and tuned up is a great idea at any point of the year. However, contrary to popular belief, it is even better to do it during the summer months. Most homeowners delay routine maintenance because they use their boiler a lot less in the summer and forget to keep it in shape. Therefore, it is the best time to arrange central heating servicing in Suffolk, as it counts as an off-peak period. You are more likely to secure a great price, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your boiler is healthy come winter. Keep reading for more tips on central heating servicing and why it is essential for your home.

Get It Serviced Annually
The expert recommendation is to have your system serviced once every twelve months. In fact, this is a legal requirement for landlords. It is not mandatory for those who own their homes, but it is strongly advised. You can, of course, arrange central heating servicing in Suffolk more regularly than this (twice per year), but it should not be less frequently.
Protection from Carbon Monoxide
One of the most important reasons for regular servicing is carbon monoxide prevention. When a boiler breaks down, there is a risk of carbon monoxide leaks and the gas is extremely dangerous. It emits no odour, and it is colourless, so it can be very difficult to detect before people in the house get sick. Regular servicing ensures that the boiler and radiators stay in tip top condition and never develop life-threatening faults.
Proper Care Saves Cash
It is a false economy to believe that neglecting boiler maintenance is a good way to save money. Not only do regular checks prevent full-on breakdowns (and the need for costly replacements), they also ensure that the system runs at peak efficiency. This is the best way to save cash all year round because you are not wasting money on leaky, poorly performing central heating components.
Make Servicing a Routine
When homeowners buy a new boiler, they are advised to start regular services as soon as the unit turns twelve months old. This helps them to get into the habit of performing these maintenance checks and keeping the central heating in peak condition throughout its lifespan. The great thing is that many vendors now offer comprehensive packages. Boiler installation, repairs, and servicing can all be included for a yearly premium.
Choose a Reliable Company
Whether you decide to start an annual maintenance schedule or you just want to arrange a single boiler check-up, it is important to pick a reliable provider. Central heating servicing in Suffolk is a valuable service, so look for a company with a superb local reputation. Before you sign any agreements, make sure that all installation and repair work is covered by a quality guarantee. In rare cases, there are problems with new boilers after installation, but a good provider will fix them at no extra cost.
Ask for a Cost Estimate
It is standard practice to ask for a cost estimate, particularly if you have never worked with a maintenance company before. You might be looking to switch providers and compare rates, or this might be your first home and your first experience with booking a central heating service. Either way, it is okay to ask plenty of questions and request a probable figure for the job. Unless you have an unusual or old boiler, the final sum will almost certainly be as quoted. For more information on boiler maintenance and servicing, visit Ignis Heating. Or, call 01473 353 599 to speak to a representative and request a cost estimate for your home.