When carrying out our plumbing services, the environment that our team works in can have an effect on the outcome of your bathroom. To ensure that the finished result is as brilliant and functional as possible, follow these tips to keeping your bathroom plumber friendly.

Keeping it tidy
Firstly, a tidy working environment is a productive one. Making sure that there’s no mess that could get in the way of tradesmen is always a good place to start, as they’ll be able to get straight to work without having to worry about clearing themselves a space.
Ease of access
It’s also very important, if designing a new bathroom, that you bear in mind how easy it’ll be for plumbers to move about and get to important access points; although the aesthetics of your bathroom is a priority, proper thought should also be given to the accessibility for maintenance of the room, or you could end up with your beautiful bathroom being damaged or taken apart when plumbing jobs need to be done.
How to help
Some examples of how you can make your bathroom redesign plumber friendly for future maintenance are: removable fascia board around the bath,  keeping the shower in a timber and plasterboard wall with easy access to isolation valves which can turn the water off, and making sure that aesthetically pleasing features such as concealed toilet fittings and Exafill bath fillers are situated appropriately.
Ignis Heating
Following these tips will ensure that our team of plumbers can carry out their work to the best possible standard, and your bathroom will be left in the excellent condition that you’d expect it to be in. At Ignis Heating, our experienced team of plumbers can carry out jobs from replacing a tap to the full redesign and fitting of a new bathroom, including the plastering, electrical work, decorating, tiling, and installation. Contact us today to get started with your new bathroom, or if you have any enquires about our other services.